Monday, February 8, 2010

Riley Has Passed On

Wednesday January 27th at 11:34 Riley was freed from his cancer filled body. He is terribly missed by all of us. Henry keeps looking all over for Riley. In the last two days Henry had two Grand-Mals. Under counsel of the vet, he is on extra Phenobarbital. *So far* that is doing the trick. The last seizure was early this morning. Riley was always like a nurse dog to all my special needs pets as for most of his life he had such excellent health and was usually the only one in perfect health. Even in old age, being deaf, blind and having cancer, he cont'd to be like a nurse dog and take care of Henry. He had a gentle manner that Henry really took comfort in. He would check on Henry frequently and give him kisses as needed. I'll post some pictures when it doesnt hurt so much. He is being cremated and his ashes should be ready to bring home very soon. He would have been 16 in the last week of March and we had been together since he was a puppy.