Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I apologize that I have not posted. The past year has been a nightmare. A man I was with took over my email and blogs and I was unable to get in. I finally got us all away from that man, and am able to get back in my blogs, but it is with a broken heart that I have to tell you Henry passed on today. After 15 months of living somewhere none of us were happy at, I finally managed to get us out. I was really looking forward to a new life with both my kids and furbabies, but Henry unfortunately was only able to enjoy the first couple months with us. I am glad he was able to spend his last couple months in a much more peaceful environment, but very sad that is all he got. Before we got out, Henry was on the maximum dose of Phenobarbital because otherwise he would keep clustering. After we were in a more peaceful environment, March 3rd. I was able to lower Henry's Pheno, and he stayed seizure free. Eventually I was able to get his Pheno dose to only half what it was before. Still, he stayed seizure free. Yet, it was too late, his liver was already shutting down and nothing was reversing it. He was also diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes in it self is very treatable, and so I spent the last two days trying very hard to see if I could treat the diabetes and bring him back. He only got worse. This afternoon he was no longer even lifting his head. I pleaded to God that I needed a break, and presto, there was my neighbor. He lovingly loaded Henry into the van, drove us to the emergency vet, paid cash for the euthanasia and private cremation, stayed by our sides, and took pictures, drove us home and got us McDonald's.